Traditional LED screens have many shortcomings: shading, severe heat, airtight, easy to damage, and inconvenient to install and maintain.

    The new led transparent glass screen has a light transmittance of 70% to 80%; it hardly affects indoor lighting; it is easy to dissipate through the wind; it is anti-aging; indoor installation and maintenance are convenient; the visual effect is cool, like floating in the air, full of technology. Attract every passing person to stop and enjoy.

    Our vision is to make LED transparent glass screens meet the specific needs of our customers.

    Eye-catching: The cool effect of science and technology attracts attention, whether it is corporate image promotion, commercial advertising or public welfare propaganda, municipal propaganda, can achieve good publicity purposes.

    Gold: Complete the purpose of propaganda to achieve its social and economic benefits.

    Peace of mind: Scientific design allows customers to simply use, perfect pre-sale, in-sale, after-sales service system to allow customers to rest assured and use.