These industry trends are hard to miss as you watch the international LED show two years into 2019

These industry trends are hard to miss as you watch the international LED show two years into 2019

2019-03-31 01:14:13

        The LED display industry since the spring is a busy and fulfilling, February 21, from shenzhen international LED curtain, until March 6, the ISLE of guangzhou international advertising logo and LED show, a successful ending during the two stars, have two industry exhibition brings you a * hot spot and trend of industry, everywhere is full of confidence and expectation for the future development of LED display.With these two exhibitions, we can also get a glimpse of the industry trends. 

       A、Small interval into a smooth period, market competition will enter the red sea from the blue sea

       In the past few years, the small-space LED display market has shown an explosive growth trend, and the cumulative market size has exceeded an order of magnitude in several years.Even so, the industry is still very optimistic about the development of the small spacing LED industry.Indeed, industry players believe that the current state of high demand growth can continue for at least another three years.

       At this year's biennial, the focus of manufacturers has changed from last year.Although small spacing is still show "leading role", but with the development of mature technology, the market's center of gravity is from pursuing advanced technology, to the pursuit of innovative applications product maturity and scene change, the product is about to enter a plateau, it also heralds the table paste technology as the core of small spacing LED technology has been highly mature, COB, inversion COB at the scene of the exhibition, many companies have a relatively mature products on display, point has turned to the "periphery" in the future competition, market competition will from blue ocean into the red sea, profiteering era is coming to an end.

       B、The development of LED screen technology will shift to the direction of product structural innovation

       The product form of traditional LED display market is highly single. However, with the development of market demand, LED display also develops from technology to product structural innovation, thus creating more new application forms.For example, in this exhibition, many manufacturers abandoned the conventional LED display products, and the olive branch to the shaped screen, brick screen, transparent screen and other structural innovative products.It is undeniable that although traditional conventional LED displays still occupy a large share in the market, at the same time, the market of innovative LED displays, which are full of advanced display technology and specific scene applications and lead the industry trend, is also expanding.


       The increasing concentration of traditional LED display products in the industry is a kind of feedback from the market on homogeneous products.Under the relatively mature and stable market conditions of product technologies, enterprises can only get rid of the red sea of competition and survive better in the market by structurally developing specific application scenarios, expanding their living space and improving their product innovation ability.With the in-depth mining of the application scenes of various manufacturers, the manufacturers with better meeting the structural needs of multiple application scenes will develop at the speed of obvious priority.

       C、Full application scenarios to the new development direction of LED screen enterprises in the field of segmentation

  LED display industry product application scene is more and more divided, recently there are some outstanding performance in a segment of the industry's small and medium-sized screen enterprises.From the two exhibitions can also be seen that more and more LED display enterprises began to develop into a subdivision of the field.Market segments bring new vitality to the industry, sweeping away the past serious haze of homogenization competition.At the same time, many manufacturers take this opportunity to re-formulate new market and product strategy, focus on product development in a certain field, to obtain new business opportunities.In recent years, LED display types are becoming more and more clear, different types of LED screen development is not the same.

       Last year, the market development situation of the subdivided areas was good, which also led to the rapid growth of some products focusing on the subdivided areas. Not only that, the layout of screen enterprises in the subdivided areas is becoming more and more comprehensive.Different from traditional comprehensive enterprises, at present, some enterprises in the industry that focus on the field of subdivision are focusing on the technology and product innovation market input in the field of their own subdivision to maintain differentiation and competitiveness, and they also pay more and more attention to patents.At the same time, they also attach great importance to brand building and prefer to dig into the high-end market and customize engineering orders.In the future, the development direction of LED display enterprises will be from full application scenes to application scenes in subdivided fields.

  D、The emergence of new application scenarios drives the development of subdivided product technology

  First of all, LED display in outdoor advertising, stage rental and other traditional applications of the industry has developed relatively mature, products gradually tend to homogenize, lack of development momentum.In order to open up the new blue ocean market and broaden the application range of LED display, many enterprises in the exhibition have made micro-innovation to meet the new application place.The emergence of new application scenarios promotes the development of subdivided product technology.

  Secondly, the city night tour development, new retail led the glass screen market.In recent years, with the concept of "new retail" and the rise of urban night tour economy, the development of commercial display market has been promoted, and at the same time, LED display has created a certain incremental market.Undoubtedly, LED transparent screen has become a dark horse in the field of LED display subdivision, and its wide application has been accepted by more and more users.


  Moreover, smart cities and smart transportation continue to promote the application of small spacing and light pole screen.With the arrival of 5G era, "smart city" will also accelerate the pace of construction. Thanks to the construction of smart transportation, smart street lamp replacement trend is rising in many cities in China, and the smart street lamp market in China will usher in a new driving force for development.As an important component of smart street lamps, smart LED light pole screen is an essential part of future smart city construction.In the future, smart cities and transportation need to have a precise grasp of the safety prevention and control system, which requires higher display precision and better color reductivity, which will promote the continuous breakthrough of small spacing and improve the quality of LED display.

  With the rapid development of the national economy, the disposable expenditure of the general public on culture and entertainment is rising, and more and more people pay attention to their own spiritual and cultural consumption. Entertainment performance has become one of the main ways of recreation.The consumption power of the people drives the productivity, and the booming development of the entertainment industry will also promote the development of LED screens to a higher direction.

  Although 2018 LED display industry has experienced a lot of stuttering, exposed a lot of the problems of the industry, but at the same time through the two open exhibition also to have some preparation, the strength of industrial gave birth to the new business opportunities and display screen, with continuous power LED industry market, enterprises in market "cake" at the same time also will meet more market challenges, regardless of the field, need to be more innovative, strategic business models.At the same time, the more in the face of such huge competition and challenges, the more the enterprise to think deeply and practice the internal strength of the opportunity.To be clear: LED screen enterprises solid development of their own enterprises and products, in time to come, to seize the opportunity to take off.