"Hangzhou eight minutes" to see the evolution of LED display

"Hangzhou eight minutes" to see the evolution of LED display

2019-03-30 17:12:37

       In 2018, the trade war between China and the United States is on the rise, but the LED display industry is marching forward in adversity and making brilliant achievements.Small spacing LED display LED the industry development, advance by leaps and bounds, maintain high growth.LED subdivided areas are also frequent success, following the beginning of the LED transparent screen in pyeongchang winter Olympics "Beijing eight minutes" stunning appearance, recently "intelligent dance screen" and "hangzhou eight minutes" staged a magic visual feast.

       Pyeongchang Olympics, through the combination of 24 intelligent robot and through screen, use of scientific and technological achievements, thus offers contains various Chinese elements of the world stage, also let has been LED display niche in silent and cultivated, always "tepid" transparent screen shot to fame, is that "decade cold window unmanned dawn, once famous the world know"!

  As the saying goes people red is right and wrong much, but screen red is different however.LED transparent screen reputation, find its customers, the application of the case is also more real up.For LED transparent screen, the market will usher in a wave of rapid growth, this is the majority of industry insiders on its forecast.

  However, the success of LED transparent screen in pyeongchang winter Olympics is not the main reason for LED transparent screen volume.A great display project, of course, will have a positive impact on the reputation of the product, the expansion of its market, but this impact is ultimately limited.No matter how memorable the classic project display, it is impossible to promote a product segment rapidly expand market share.LED transparent screen in pyeongchang winter Olympics wonderful performance, in fact, is the result of LED transparent screen "ten years of cold window".It is the continuous improvement of LED transparent screen technology in recent years that gives it a chance to prove itself and show itself.

       So, the hangzhou eight minutes, and to our LED display industry brought what kind of enlightenment?

  According to the "time" of hangzhou art total design chief introduction, this stage using unmanned vehicle device, with a 360 - degree rotating mechanical arm, "screen on highly intelligent dance about five stories high, the overall structure is actually five industrial machine, through the new artificial intelligent motion control system, cooperate with video content in action.This also changed the traditional static stage presentation, known as' dancing robot '.

  I believe that the audience who have seen the stage performance and heard the explanation will be deeply impressed by the concept of "intelligent robot" in addition to the shocking visual effect of the stage.For our LED display industry professionals, the focus of * may be on the display products used.In pyeongchang, eight minutes of the Beijing Olympics will be on LED transparent screens, but in hangzhou, eight minutes will be on regular large screens.However, whether it's eight minutes in pyeongchang or eight minutes in hangzhou, what they have in common is a combination of LED displays and artificial intelligence.Only from the technical point of view, to achieve such a dance effect, can not be separated from the intelligent industrial robot, which is a key part of the implementation plan *.LED display is only a display terminal, where the technical requirements are not important.The industry has also pointed out that the hangzhou eight minutes such LED display stage plan, is not the first, a few years ago already had.However, this scheme has been optimized, which is the result of the joint progress and development of LED display screen and various technologies.

       Of course, we can also see the development and changes of LED display in this room.One minute on the stage, ten years of work, LED display can have such a wonderful performance, but also inseparable from years of hard training.It is the continuous progress of LED display technology in recent years that enables it to better integrate with third-party technology.In other words, from its evolution on the stage, we can also see that LED display screen has gradually separated from its own display effect and the improvement of technology, and started to walk towards the path of collaborative development and co-prosperity with the third-party technology.

  This may be a golden key to the wider application of LED displays in the future.

  If we compare the opening and closing ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics, we will find that whether the pyeongchang winter Olympics lasts eight minutes in Beijing or eight minutes in hangzhou, * the change lies in the number of people.From the past "thousands of troops and horses" to a small number of "elite soldiers and powerful generals".In this case, LED display, as the display carrier, undoubtedly assumes the leading role on the stage, which highlights the importance of LED display.This also shows an "evolution" of LED display screen in the field of dance art. In the past, LED display screen only served as the background role on this stage, but this time it went from "behind the scenes" to "front stage" and became the element that * attracts attention, while *, the key artificial intelligence, retreated behind the scenes.

  Instead of focusing solely on improving the display quality or showing off their creativity, LED displays this time are more focused on their own sense of being and dare to "play the leading role".Therefore, even the ordinary LED display, but because of a change in the role of the location, but show a "rotten into the magic".

  This, perhaps is to our LED display enterprise's significant enlightenment.

  In a word, the future of LED display is full of infinite possibilities, and the field of dance art is only one stage of LED display. As long as our enterprise can stick to the solid foundation, keep pace with The Times, combine with the current * cutting-edge technology, and seek common development, the prospect will be brighter and the market will be broader.