Indoor LED transparent screen: indoor creative display innovator

Indoor LED transparent screen: indoor creative display innovator

2019-03-30 17:07:32

       Indoor LED transparent screen

       As the saying goes, it is better to be active than quiet.Used for advertising which is particularly suitable, static print ads, for the most part when people pass by to stay for a second can probably understand the content of the inside, but not too impressive, and dynamic video effect is different, screen more than one vice, content is more than a little, a sufficiently attractive creative ads tend to make people stop to watch, and impressive, so in large commercial plaza, between a multitude of people, can play indoor video propaganda, effect.

       Traditional indoor LED display screen, generally leaning on the wall, not transparent, mostly used for news release, stage background, conference display and other scenes.In the interior of the shopping mall, there will be few places in the store, because such a large wall-like display screen needs good design to be placed inside, never affecting the internal style, so the commercial value of indoor LED display will be reduced.The appearance of indoor LED transparent screen greatly improved this situation and became the innovator of creative display.It not only belongs to indoor LED display screen, but also has the characteristics of transparency, light quality and convenient installation, making its installation environment more simple and broader.More creative applications can be extended.

       Indoor LED transparent screen window LED transparent screen for interior creative display application

       On the street, in the shopping mall, the shop with large floor-to-ceiling Windows is hung with an LED transparent screen, highlighting the technological sense of the shop, highlighting the charm of the product, and attracting five stars.

        Window LED transparent screen

     Indoor LED transparent screen the curtain wall LED transparent screen for interior creative display application

       Behind the large glass curtain wall, there is a large LED transparent screen, which not only does not affect the appearance of the building, but also adds a kind of beautiful technology, and the publicity index is simply bursting.

Curtain wall LED transparent screen

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