Transparent screen manufacturer, tell you transparent screen with what spacing suitable!

Transparent screen manufacturer, tell you transparent screen with what spacing suitable!

2020-06-04 15:31:03

In LED transparent screen, we often say P several represents the pixel spacing between the lamp bead and the lamp bead, transparent screen manufacturers transparent screen model currently mainly with P3.9, P7.8, P10.4, P12.5 for the majority, the majority of friends may ask, for small area or large area of the display is more appropriate to recommend?

The answer is yes, at present, the LED transparent screen as a new hot products, rapid development through a transparent screen, P1.9, P2.8, P3.125, P15, P20, P30 series such as spacing in the us is rare on the market at present, according to the P1.9, P2.8, P3.125 spacing, as a professional manufacturer of transparent screen, only the Jin Gang can do it, and P1.9 * 3.125, P2.8 * 5.6, P3.125 * 3.125 for 4 k, according to is another transparent screen manufacturers can produce.

You may wonder why most manufacturers can't make transparent screens with smaller spacing than P3.91.In fact, this is not difficult to understand, transparent screen as a new display product, even in the technology development or narrowing the gap technology, is a test of the overall strength of a production company, which is inseparable from the strength of the research and development team.

As a transparent screen manufacturer, it is very important for us to suggest which type of spacing product the user needs, and how should the user choose for various spacing models?

1. According to the viewing distance of transparent screen:

P stands for the pixel spacing we often say, the unit is mainly mm, and the value after P mainly refers to the distance between two lamp bead pixels, which is called point spacing.The smaller the value of point spacing, the higher the unit pixel, the clearer the display image, and the more suitable for close-up viewing.

Therefore, for LED transparent screen, the viewing distance is very close, generally p1.9-P3.9 is the main screen, then P5 and P7.8 are further, then P10.4 or P20 can be used

2. According to the display scene size:

With an area less than 5 square meters, users are recommended to use p1.9-P2.8 transparent screen

With an area less than 10 square meters, users are recommended to use p2.8-P3.9 transparent screen

With an area less than 20 square meters, p3.9-P5 transparent screen is recommended

The area is between 20 and 40 square meters. Users are recommended to use P7.8 transparent screen.

The area is about 40-150 square meters, and the visible distance is 10 meters.P10.4 full color is recommended.

If the area is more than 150 square meters and the visible distance is 30 meters, consider using p15-P30.

Through the above analysis: the screen area is related to the viewing distance.The farther the viewing distance, the larger the screen area.The screen resolution is not high, so choose a transparent screen with a large dot spacing.Of course, money is capricious.Smaller screens are also available, but the cost is too high to be cost-effective.

Therefore, our transparent screen manufacturers suggest that for LED transparent screens, it is necessary to consider the actual requirements combined with the comprehensive factors such as screen area, application location and budget.The best fit is the best.