The customization of the transparent screen increases gradually, and the special-shaped transparent screen becomes the mainstream

The customization of the transparent screen increases gradually, and the special-shaped transparent screen becomes the mainstream

2020-05-29 17:39:05

Transparent screen because of transparent thin, easy to install, energy saving and environmental protection features, for the conventional box or shaped transparent screen and other creative display, in recent years they are also favored by the market.In the beautification and display of the city, it becomes more and more irreplaceable.With the development of cities paying more attention to "makeup", customized display will become more and more important.

The transparent screen can be "hidden" during the day and colored at night.The "beauty" of the metropolis has advantages that no other display device has.It can be predicted that the trend of LED transparent screen is very strong, and it will eventually become the new blue sea of LED display industry.From the technical point of view, the innovative display technology and products represented by transparent screen are gradually developing in the direction of diversification, and are gradually applied to commercial display from a small amount of demand in the past.Transparent screen is gradually becoming the main development direction of large-screen commercial display in the future.

The technology will also show the following trends in the future:

1. Smaller dot spacing, high contrast, cool colors, higher refresh rate and more delicate display;

2. Human-computer interaction, audience can interact with the display screen, the advertising effect will be better, and the commercial value of transparent screen will be more prominent.

From the point of view of the market, in many different market needs, the trend of customized transparent screen is becoming more and more obvious.Custom transparent screen technology requires a higher, more stable product in order to be able to do better for a variety of project displays.With the advent of the era of customization, transparent screen manufacturers must strive to meet the diversified needs of customers, which also puts forward higher requirements for r&d, production, marketing, enterprise management and after-sales service of transparent screen manufacturers.Only by constantly updating and improving the whole operating system chain can we better adapt to and serve the market.

As a new type of display technology, transparent screen has the greatest transparency.It is about 70 to 95 per cent transparent.When a transparent screen is used to play the AD content, the rest does not glow, but only shows the content to be played.This playback method can also reduce light pollution and energy consumption.It is also in line with the energy conservation theme advocated by China and responds to the national call for energy conservation and emission reduction.Up to now, the AD value of the alien transparent screen market has not been fully developed, and its appearance is expected to create a new blue ocean for outdoor advertising.Meanwhile, future demand for transparent screens is expected to grow exponentially.