Transparent screen manufacturers, how to transparent screen popular market

Transparent screen manufacturers, how to transparent screen popular market

2020-05-19 17:42:35

In recent years, with the expansion of the market demand for transparent screen industry and the wide range of application fields, transparent screen manufacturers have also made their products present a diversified development trend.As a rising star of LED display industry, transparent screen has shocked our vision with its striking posture.In particular, since 2018, from optimizing product structure to expanding product application fields, the number of companies that have joined the r&d of LED transparent screen has gradually increased.From the perspective of the application market, the development of transparent screen is unstoppable.

In 2017, transparent screens began to emerge.In response to the rapid development of the LED display market, transparent screens have attracted extensive attention from the market, whether in glass curtain wall, shop window or stage applications.Especially in the stage display, it is different from the traditional display screen.The seamless splicing between the transparent LED screens has become a favorite of modern stage displays.For now, however, in dance applications, the transparent screen is still used in conjunction with the traditional box screen to complement the "icing on the cake".So, can transparent screens exist without traditional displays and dominate the market?

In the past two years, transparent screens have begun to shine in outdoor, commercial displays and stage areas.Transparent screen with its novelty, high transparency, strong technical awareness and better adaptability to the environment, in the commercial display market as well as fashion and technology places quickly popular, opened a unique way to occupy the fierce LED display competitive market position.

For transparent screen manufacturers, although the current transparent screen can not achieve 100% transparency, but the translucent display function can still provide people with a nearly transparent visual experience.In the absence of light, it blends into the building's external walls, greatly reducing the impact on the building.In recent years, more and more enterprises choose to use LED transparent screens to decorate glass curtain wall buildings, especially in large shopping malls.

In terms of commercial display, fashion brands and exhibition display also like to use transparent screen to foil the brand and product style.When playing the display content, transparent background can not only enhance the sense of technology, but also can highlight the product itself, so that the brand products such as cars, fashion clothes, jewelry can be more eye-catching.

Unlike in the past, the thin and beautiful appearance of transparent screens will continue to help the display field expand into a wider market.With the increasing demand for display in commercial display, stage display, outdoor digital advertising and other fields, the market capacity of transparent screen will gradually increase, and manufacturers of transparent screen will also face the test of market demand.