Why do transparent screen manufacturers receive more and more demand for customized transparent LED screens

Why do transparent screen manufacturers receive more and more demand for customized transparent LED screens

2020-05-11 17:36:25

Transparent LED screen after the development of recent years, transparent screen manufacturers are gradually expanding with the market demand.As we all know, transparent screens are very popular in the commercial display market due to their transparency and aesthetics.Since last year, the transparent screen has gradually replaced the traditional LED display. The major manufacturers have not only created many outstanding large cases, but also encouraged the continuous innovation of transparent LED screen products, leading the way in creative display screen and personalized customization.

Compared with "standardized" quantitative production, customization is compared to high-end display products, and customized transparent screen is also a challenging breakthrough for transparent screen manufacturers.In this era of individuality, special customized products and services can indeed win market recognition faster.

With the advent of the era of customization, LED display enterprises must strive to meet the diversified needs of customers, which also puts forward higher requirements for r&d, production, marketing, enterprise management and after-sales service of transparent screen enterprises.Only by constantly updating and improving the whole operating system chain can we better adapt to the different needs of the service market for various styles of transparent screen.

On the surface, the biggest difference between a custom transparent LED screen and a regular display is its shape and size.It can be spherical, cylindrical or diverse in shape, such as books and triangles.In addition to the appearance selection, the size and size of the transparent LED screen are also strictly regulated, and no deviation is allowed.Usually, it depends on the scenario, it is not a model, and therefore cannot be copied.

The choice of customized transparent LED screen comes from the permanence of the appearance of the transparent LED screen, that is, the selection under sensibility.In fact, considering the appearance of the product, the reason has been deeply rooted in the customer's mind, it runs through the whole LED.In the case of transparent screen manufacturing industry chain, including customized models, in many cases, these are not too big a problem for professional transparent screen manufacturers.In the design of the transparent screen fully considering the special scene and the special use of the screen, including a certain "special features" custom LED chips, detail processing, to ensure that the stitching neat surface, realize the unique display packaging, even meet customers personalized needs of control system and purchase experience different from competitors, after-sales service and so on!

Customized transparent LED screen products, because they are related to customer needs, so in terms of profit, "high-end customized" LED transparent screen project price will be higher.It can be said that customization, as the development direction of LED industry, can not only meet the market demand, but also take advantage of the opportunity of brand promotion in the process of making profits to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

In the long run, the trend of customization also encourages transparent screen manufacturers to actively pursue better products and promotes the overall development of the transparent LED screen industry.Customization has become a trend, which will inject new blood into the LED display market, which is a test for various companies and an opportunity to improve their strength.