Technical requirements for application of LED canopy transparent screen

Technical requirements for application of LED canopy transparent screen

2020-05-05 11:04:05

LED awning transparent screen is a kind of display carrier in awning. Most of the common awning transparent screens are installed on the ceiling of buildings.To achieve display, decoration, lighting and other effects.LED skylight transparency is usually applied to the ceiling of large buildings, such as the lobby of high-end star hotels, shopping center atriums, stations, airports, science and technology museums, etc.

The skyscreen transparent screen has the characteristics of transparent display effect, light weight and diversified shapes. As a light and thin display screen, the LED skyscreen transparent screen weighs only 7KG/㎡, only 35% of the weight of the traditional LED skyscreen. It supports a variety of installation methods such as ceiling hoisting and fixing.Simulation of the sky, the sea, snow and other special effects, can perfectly play a beautiful different experience, in recent years, the transparent screen of the unique display scheme, more and more commercial media attention.

Compared with the traditional LED display project, LED skyscreen transparent screen manufacturers, product technology and installation and maintenance requirements are very strict.From the design, manufacturing to engineering installation, etc., have tested the comprehensive strength of the manufacturers.In addition, the use of materials, structural methods, control performance, technical structure, construction and maintenance requirements are very high.

So, LED transparent screen application technical requirements?

Thin and transparent

Since the projection area of the LED skylight transparent screen is usually large, it can be installed by hoisting, and the weight of the LED transparent screen can almost be ignored for the load-bearing capacity of the building ceiling.Therefore, the transparent design of LED sky screen is easier to integrate into the scene.In addition, LED transparent screen design beautiful, with the design concept of special-shaped, can achieve an artistic display effect.

Easy to use

The operation is simpler. The transparent screen of LED sky curtain can be controlled wirelessly by our usual mobile phones and tablets, and can also be controlled by the computer to change the playing picture at any time. The operation is simple, and the use process of transparent sky curtain includes maintenance, debugging and use.Lightweight product design can reduce the cost in the installation and maintenance of the following transparent screen project, so as to make the whole project more efficient in the subsequent maintenance process.

Standard modularity and creative design

In order to meet the requirements of installation scene structure, the LED skyscreen transparent screen is usually matched with a conventional 1000*500 box with an irregular box.Multi-element design scheme, highlighting the unique effect of the canopy, can greatly attract the eyes of tourists, to achieve an indoor like outdoor effect, a variety of effects, but also in an instant to feel the time travel experience.

LED skyscreen transparent screen has been widely used in the market.Skyscreen transparent screen lighter, more transparent, more innovative display effect!You can view the blue sky and white clouds under good lighting conditions.At night, beautiful videos can be played under the bright stars, accompanied by beautiful sound effects, bringing people a stunning visual feast experience.