How much is led transparent screen one square?2020 transparent screen manufacturers quote!

How much is led transparent screen one square?2020 transparent screen manufacturers quote!

2020-05-04 17:48:58

Our perception of transparent screen is generally from the network platform, many users want to know how much led transparent screen one square meter, but we also know that the price of transparent screen manufacturers is generally lower than the price of middlemen, this is because led transparent screen manufacturers are direct supply.

We usually say and see the LED transparent screen a transparent display screen, not only thin and cool, the current conventional transparent screen size is mainly 1000*500, which refers to a single transparent screen box, the structure and performance of the transparent screen and the traditional LED display is slightly more expensive.In fact, led transparent screen project is based on the transparent screen box, controller, installation accessories to do the system quotation.

Project installation scenarios also lead to different prices, and each project to use different brightness, spacing, structure, the price is also very different.The price of the transparent screen mainly depends on the choice of model and material.The greater the spacing, the fewer pixels, and the cheaper it is.For example, the user has a curtain wall project, come up directly to the size of the quotation, which does not understand the situation, blind quotation is not reasonable, can only say about the cost range.

In fact, many customers only consider the price when they are looking for a transparent screen manufacturer, not the process, technical configuration and later service.The main reason is that customers do not know enough about this type of led transparent screen, so they may think that the same product will choose the cheap knowledge.If you want to have an in-depth understanding of LED transparent screen technology knowledge.When it comes to using a transparent led screen, most users look to the web for a manufacturer.Led transparent screen as a project - type product.It is different from the TV screen we see at home. If you do not know the features of the product, you will ask directly: how much is a square led transparent screen?

As the transparent screen manufacturer, we can only give a reference price, and the detailed system quotation of how much the led transparent screen costs per square meter requires us and the users to choose the appropriate transparent screen model according to the on-site installation environment and the size of the area, so as to complete the project at a lower cost.Price for led transparent screen is only an indicator in the process of purchasing a product or service.If you just compare the price, you are not so considerate.Price, quality, service, word of mouth, whether it is suitable for your transparent screen project, etc., we need to further comprehensive consideration of the factors.