What is the difference between the positive led transparent screen and the contrast side transparent screen

What is the difference between the positive led transparent screen and the contrast side transparent screen

2020-04-29 17:00:51

As an innovative display carrier, led transparent screen has been favored by a large number of users in various industries in recent years. Those who are familiar with led transparent screen may know that transparent screen has two types of luminescence: positive light and side light.

Many users in the absence of understanding of the transparent screen, it is difficult to choose to use the luminous way of the transparent screen more suitable for themselves.So, is it better for non-professional customers?From the technical point of view to analyze the advantages of transparent screen side light comparison.

1. Higher permeability

A glowing transparent screen is usually more transparent than a side-lit led.Glass curtain wall, window display, stage, for example, the application and outdoor display, etc, are illuminated led transparent screen appear a rate as high as more than 90, and a similar side glowing transparent rate is only 70%, and in terms of light, side light box big thickness 1 cm, the weight of up to 14 kg / ㎡, and are luminous body thickness of only 3.5 mm, and the weight is only half side glowing.

2. It works better

Due to the design of the line on both sides of the lamp bead, the side light bar extends back, and the brightness of the transparent screen extends outward from the middle of both sides.Too low a brightness will cause the audience on either side of the stage to not see the image on the screen at all.

The positive led transparent screen will not be blocked by the bracket, brightness will increase from the front of the screen along the side.Viewing Angle up to 160°, no matter from any Angle will not affect the display effect.

3. Wide viewing Angle

Standardized design scheme of positive luminous transparent screen can ensure a 160° Angle of view without affecting the lighting of the building, so as to provide a wider viewing Angle;The side led is mounted on the upper or lower side of the light bar, and the Angle of view is only 140°.

4. Strong protection and maintenance capability

The positive luminescence transparent screen was originally designed. Considering the self-protection and post-maintenance of the screen, the combination scheme of small border splicing is adopted to ensure the safety and stability of the transparent screen in transportation or use to a great extent. The front and rear double maintenance further reduces the maintenance cost of the users on the led transparent screen.

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