Why do LED transparent screens gradually replace traditional LED transparent screens

Why do LED transparent screens gradually replace traditional LED transparent screens

2020-04-24 17:52:57

As a subdivision product of new transparent display screen, LED transparent screen is mainly used in large shopping malls, exhibition halls, airports, advertising media, enterprise exhibition halls, chain supermarkets, hotel atriums, various exhibition halls, museums, science and technology museums, street shops, stage and stage.Products for advertising to provide interesting and varied equipment support, commercial display advertising more creative sense.

The screen body appears more concise and clean atmosphere, the appearance is more beautiful and thin, so as to better integrate with the glass curtain wall, to achieve the real "invisible".

Why do LED transparent screens gradually replace traditional LED transparent screens

With the development of LED technology and the construction of modern cities in China, buildings with glass curtain walls became common.The bright screen, an indoor installation, is uniquely suited for outdoor displays, and is a good way to circumvent the censorship of conventional displays.Traditional LED displays fail to achieve transparency, lack innovation, and have developed aesthetic fatigue.Moreover, because traditional LED displays cannot be used as transparent displays, transparency of 0, large size, difficult maintenance and poor heat dissipation limit the development of many fields.

Why do LED transparent screens gradually replace traditional LED transparent screens

Therefore, in the past two years, LED transparent screen has been favored by more users from all walks of life.

In addition, with the transparent screen industry's own technology promotion and promotion of transparent screen rapid development.It has unlimited potential.The installation method of LED transparent screen mounted on the glass curtain wall is now widely recognized in the domestic market and highly recognized in foreign markets, including the European and American markets, where environmental standards have been very strict.

Under the condition that jingang visual LED transparent screen meets the needs of customers with different pixel resolutions, the transparency of the boundaryless design is up to more than 70%. Meanwhile, it can ensure the transparency and light transmission of the screen, and restore the lighting and vision of the glass curtain wall. The advertising screen floats on the glass curtain wall, with more advertising and artistic effects.The weight of a single box is about 4KG, which is the lightest LED transparent screen on the market.Independent lifting and standing installations were completed without affecting the original structure of the building, and the load requirements of the steel structure were very low.

The transparent panel

The transparent screen of the company provides customized colors, patterns, themes and materials, so that the transparent screen can show different styles according to different scenes, so as to better integrate with the application site and reflect more design elements.The transparent screen is installed without steel structure, which can be easily combined with the application scene with a small amount of construction.Due to the special nature of the transparent screen and its unique display characteristics, the brightness of the entire screen is improved while ensuring transparency, and the energy saving is at least 50% higher than that of the traditional display screen.Brightness selection is available from 800-6000nits.

To sum up, the LED transparent screen industry will usher in a good time for development. Market analysis generally predicts that in the next few years, the market scale of the transparent screen will increase by billions, and there will be a greater breakthrough in technology. In addition, with various new interactive and inductive system demand auxiliary drive, it will certainly show a good growth trend.