The application of transparent screen in the mall has become the trend of global brand chains

The application of transparent screen in the mall has become the trend of global brand chains

2020-04-23 17:01:09

With the maturity of technology in the field of transparent screen application and the overall decline in price, the concept trend of new retail and innovative advertising display experience are promoted.The application of transparent screen in shopping mall has gradually become the mainstream choice of the current brand chain.

In recent years, with the continuous innovation and development of transparent screen technology, shopping malls have more stringent requirements on advertising display.In the application of traditional LED display, the traditional LED display cannot transmit light, which is far from meeting the innovative sense brought by users to attract customers. In addition, the LED display of traditional large box lacks transparency, and the complex structure components are already insufficient to meet the application requirements of users.In such a large environmental background, transparent screen began to gradually occupy the market demand, especially in the application field of glass curtain wall, has been playing an increasingly important role, which also can not be given by the traditional display screen.

Transparent screen has been in the media industry for a long time, has a huge imagination space is gradually becoming a reality.Transparent screen with transparent, thin and light features.In the current situation, it has been widely applied to the shopping centers around us.As a large number of consumer sites, a piece of innovative advertising can be enough to attract customers is particularly important.Transparent screen as a transparent display image carrier, its own characteristics have been pleasing to the eye.Cool video displays attract the attention of customers, enhance the attention of stores, enhance the brand image, and promote the sales of goods.Therefore, transparent screen has been widely concerned and popularized by the market.

K&G Visual early stand in the position of customers and market development demand, committed to research and development, the development of the transparent screen and the current market transparent screen, more perfect in the eyes of the user, the screen is thinner, through mobile phone, tablet, computer wireless connection, signal is more stable, delicate and soft.Exquisite design style is more popular among merchants and consumers.The use of transparent screens not only ensures the transparency required for various scenarios, but also clearly displays the promotional content in front of people without affecting the original aesthetics.It is a commercial display product with great market potential.

At present, both traditional LED display products and new transparent screen products, LED display is developing towards the direction of lightweight.The trend toward "transparency" is becoming increasingly important, from outdoor fixtures to large indoor screens.At the same time, the application scope of transparent screen is still expanding in the overlapping use of precise advertising push, human-computer interaction and virtual reality.

Whether it is a commercial building, a shopping center, a 4S store or a window, wherever there is glass, there is a market for transparent screens.For example, building lighting projects, the glass screen required in the future may be replaced by excellent K&G Visual transparent screen manufacturers, the number of such projects is still increasing, the market size is also gradually expanding.