LED window transparent screen, let the window display creative without blocking!

LED window transparent screen, let the window display creative without blocking!

2020-04-17 17:25:09

At present, on the street or in the shopping mall, high-end luxury goods, fashion brands or retail stores, LED window transparent screen has become a new favorite for window display, creative visual display experience of the window, which reflects the fashion style of the store brand.Traditional posters and banners are far from reaching the brand promotion effect in the current market, so users will look for more concise, vivid and impressive products to replace the poster promotion.

As retail stores became more common, everyone had the energy to let passersby see the goods sold in the store through the glass window, or to make a display in the window.But these have very big constraint, show commodity needs to change regularly or decorate, increase time cost greatly.

LED window transparent screen, let the window display creative without blocking!

As a display carrier for window display, LED transparent screen makes up for the shortcomings of traditional display.

With the feature of high transparency, transparent LED display can easily create a smart and transparent aesthetic feeling, and visual penetration, LED self-illumination and other characteristics also make it bring fashion, technology and the future, in the creative display, high-end display field is very popular.Thus, indoor lighting is not affected, and the transparent effect of the frame can hardly be seen from a distance.

Let the window under the condition of the five any shade, also can show store advertising information, rapid product message passing pedestrians, straightforward, and does not affect the transparent effect, because the LED display screen, transparent screen as a new creative appear a rate as high as more than 80, according to the spacing between the conversion, the greater the spacing, LED the higher transparent screen appear.

For example, in the 2018 shenzhen jewelry exhibition and the us retail exhibition, the LED window transparent screen of jingang competed with the retail exhibitors in the booths of major brands for attention. Many partners chose the transparent screen to decorate the booths and display all kinds of brand products.

LED window transparent screen

The cost of a transparent LED display is determined by the distance between pixels, ranging from several thousand to tens of thousands per square meter. The smaller the pixel, the clearer the picture, and the higher the price.And cent again indoor or outdoor, brightness is different, also be an important factor that affects price.

LED window transparent screen is transparent, light and thin, easy to install, energy saving and environmental protection, which are of interest to the majority of customers. At present, LED transparent screen can be equipped with induction system, VR\AR, face recognition and other interactive effects of human screen.After the relevant configuration is added, the transparent led display can be connected to the wireless network line, enabling the remote control of the mobile phone, so as to realize the joint interaction between the transparent led screen and the audience, which stimulates the growth of the audience's interest and enables the audience to participate.

Transparent LED screen

LED transparent screen at present in LED display products are a niche of new products, with the gradually mature of product technology and production cost control, the intelligent interactive, retail, under the impetus of the new technologies such as visual scene, transparent screen is very popular in according to the market, so the market said the transparent LED screen market prospect is period.