How much is the LED transparent screen now?Transparent screen manufacturers 2020 quotation!

How much is the LED transparent screen now?Transparent screen manufacturers 2020 quotation!

2020-04-09 15:39:10

Most users have more or less heard of LED transparent screen, when the need to use LED transparent screen, will look for transparent screen manufacturers from online baidu.

It is to belong to project class product, under the circumstance that does not know product characteristic completely, can ask directly: your home transparent screen how many money 1 square?

This is a topic that many customers care about most.

How much is the LED transparent screen now?Transparent screen manufacturers 2020 quotation!

Now transparent screen is widely used in the display of high-end products, is a very novel screen presentation mode, is gradually iterative to the traditional commercial advertising machine, and the combination of architecture to bring a more novel and fashionable visual experience and wonderful projects.

For example, the exhibition of museum cultural relics, science and technology exhibitions, jewelry, watches, electronic products, etc., combined with the corresponding product pictures, promotional videos, dazzling advertising information, and static physical products, will immediately present a vivid display effect to the audience.

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Within many industries friends all know that more than 90% as a transparent screen manufacturer production area, shenzhen city, guangdong province, LED the birth of the transparent screen, there is no doubt that impact the market share of traditional LED display, rental stage, indoor-outdoor display, exhibition, market demonstration, the control center and other places have a transparent screen, its transparent thin characteristic is completely does not take the place of the traditional screen, even if the LED small spacing of 2.0 mm spacing below the transparent screen is entirely achievable.

So transparent LED screen price how many money a square is a suitable price, actually this is not a question and answer can tell clearly, the use of each company and product structure, the cost of purchasing cost is different, each company offer for LED transparent plate price is natural, as a user with a transparent LED screen of listed companies, their price is better than small and medium-sized companies the price will be much more expensive.After all, brands and operating costs are there.

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Or middlemen, its price will be relatively high, and the user is facing the manufacturer, the price is relatively cheap, and the manufacturer is also divided into independent research and development transparent screen products, transparent screen products and other manufacturers have a relative advantage, so the manufacturer price is relatively cheap, single also divided into high-end products.

Without understanding its usage scenarios and the distance between points, configuration, and the conventional box or special-shaped body case, blind offer to the user, to the project be fixed after the price and the original price on the high side, the customer is difficult to understand, only the customer give us the project details, as a transparent panel manufacturer, just to say how much money we LED transparent screen a square.

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