How does K&G Visual navigate the development direction of transparent screen

How does K&G Visual navigate the development direction of transparent screen

2020-04-08 17:11:37

With the gradual development of intelligent science and technology, in all kinds of intelligent products has seeped into our daily life, transparent led screen as an important role of led display field, with its brand-new visual experience and application experience show in front of us, set fashion, beautiful, full of contemporary feeling, with its bright display mode, the appearance of the thin design, high-end atmospheric science and technology, in many of the led display have a place in the field of innovation.Shaped transparent screen

For the current field of LED transparent screen, it is difficult for the transparent screen to be as small as the traditional LED spacing. It is difficult for the transparent screen to be as high definition as the traditional LED spacing under the characteristics of simple structure, light and light box and ventilation and transparency.

Transparent screen manufacturer

K&G Visual as a professional manufacturer of LED transparent screen, spend a lot of energy in the field of transparent screen, independent research and development production, on the basis of the original transparent screen, not only the breakthrough to 1.9 mm, transparent screen spacing truly 4 k hd display effect, more to achieve the set 4 k quality showed breakthrough with the opposite sex, no matter what the shape, such as: wavy, cylindrical, conical, such as triangle wave difficult heterosexual display can be realized, and 1.9 mm spacing is K&G Visual only.Hd display spacing and opposite sex creative display, the peer competing to imitate.

On the basis of years of research and development, jingang applies the small distance 4K display to the transparent screen, which not only restores the hd picture quality, but also retains a series of features of transparent screen, such as transparency and lightness.

Creative transparent screen

With its unique display mode, thin and light appearance design, high-end atmosphere of science and technology, K&G Visual in the transparent display industry occupies an important position.And with the development of The Times, K&G Visual transparent screen has been early distributed around the world, more widely used in the domestic market, project cases of more than 50,000 items,

And K&G Visual in 18 years has been fully implemented waterproof outdoor display effect, is three level, have "waterproof, moistureproof, dustproof," the real level of IP68 waterproof, can be used normally in extremely harsh environment, it is well known that the LED transparent screen it's hard to do waterproof effect, generally used in indoor, outdoor IP68 waterproof level can do manufacturers are numbered.

Transparent screen in shopping mall

In the current city curtain wall construction, new advertising, landscape exhibition, shopping mall skyfall and other fields have unique advantages, coruscated with a new display image, and gradually aroused people's attention, the market opportunities are unlimited.