K&G Visual LED transparent screen solution to make the window display more outstanding

K&G Visual LED transparent screen solution to make the window display more outstanding

2020-04-08 16:33:01

For the stores on the market, customers are the life of the stores. How to improve the customers in the stores, attract customers and let customers know their products is the priority of each store.Among them, the new advertising form, the cool display effect is also an important factor to attract the audience, can let the audience eyes shine, give a fresh and new feeling.

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With the continuous development of LED display technology, transparent LED display with its light and clever, transparent and ethereal aesthetic feeling in the shop window show.Due to the transparent screen can present a three-dimensional space stereo feeling and the sense of reality, more can realize video, pictures, always live images and field interaction effect, greatly favored by the current market retail shops such as jewelry, clothing, and easier to push shop activities, transparent effect, let the customer feel incredible, advertisements more let past customers more intuitive understanding of the store products.

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K&G Visual as the industry window transparent screen benchmark manufacturers, stores according to the number of case projects more than ten thousand, in the number of projects and product effects far beyond the peer manufacturers, the industry is more widely distributed, such as jewelry, clothing, catering, shopping malls and other store areas,

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K&G Visual window led transparent screen solution is fully defined in accordance with the high standards of window window design.From product features to display effects, from business advertisements to services, no matter local roadside shops or shopping malls, K&G Visual has provided the most professional led transparent screen solutions for a growing number of shop Windows.

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It is worth mentioning that, for the increasingly expensive labor and material costs, K&G Visual LED transparent screen is simple to install, energy saving and low consumption, environmental protection and longevity, low maintenance cost, can greatly reduce the cost for customers, create the greatest value.