What are the differences between transparent LED displays and conventional SMD displays

What are the differences between transparent LED displays and conventional SMD displays

2019-10-08 15:42:19

       In recent years, a variety of innovative LED display screen, such as special-shaped LED display, flexible LED display, transparent LED display and so on.

       I believe everyone is curious about these LED transparent screen and ordinary screen what is the difference?

1, high permeability, indoor lighting is not affected, the picture display effect is perfect

       It is well known that SMD conventional display screens are opaque and can affect the lighting of buildings.The transparent LED display adopts the side luminescence display technology, and the light bar is almost invisible to the naked eye from the front, which greatly improves the permeability, and the display effect of the whole picture is very cool.

2, lightweight design, save the cost of steel structure

       The conventional display screen of SMD is 42kg per square meter. When the screen area is too large, it is a big challenge to the steel structure of the screen and the original building structure.And jin gang visual transparent LED display screen can be vertical independent installation, no glass.If installed behind the glass curtain wall, it can be directly attached to the steel structure of the curtain wall. Its extremely light weight of 10kg/㎡ requires very little load on the steel structure.

3, strip light structure, can be shaped design

       When SMD conventional display screen makes special-shaped products, it will be limited by the box structure. There is a little defect in stitching special-shaped products, and there will be patchwork seam.Transparent LED display screen can be customized into a perfect shaped screen, curved surface transition natural and beautiful, product screen body can be set into cylindrical, round table, triangle, arc and other types of shaped.

4. For outdoor display screen application, indoor installation and outdoor viewing

       Conventional SMD screens, installed indoors, block sunlight and view.Transparent LED display for outdoor screen applications, indoor installation, outdoor viewing, do not worry about water and uv protection, product performance is very stable.

5. It is perfectly matched with the glass curtain wall, with hidden installation, without affecting the building shape

       SMD conventional screen needs a large-scale steel frame structure in the construction, which is time-consuming and laborious and has a certain impact on the shape and aesthetics of the building.The transparent LED display can be easily combined with the wall perfectly with a small amount of construction during installation and use, without any damage to the wall, and can also improve the overall appearance of the wall.

6, easy maintenance, can support hot plug, lamp maintenance

       SMD conventional screen body problems, most are for post-maintenance treatment, or the entire module or box disassembly for maintenance.The transparent LED display only needs to replace one light bar during maintenance, which is simple and fast to operate and reduce maintenance cost.

        Based on the above analysis, the advantages of transparent LED display screen over conventional SMD screen are still outstanding. Its screen body has good expansibility, light weight, convenient maintenance, cool display effect, low cost and so on. I believe it will be favored by the market.

       Of course, at present, both transparent LED display screen and conventional SMD display screen are widely recognized by the market, and SMD screen itself has the advantages of high brightness, good effect and long service life, which is still the mainstream of the LED display market.