Kunming, yunnan province, construction ceremony home 27.9㎡ case show

Kunming, yunnan province, construction ceremony home 27.9㎡ case show

Location: kunming, yunnan province                       Time:2019-9

Type: glass walkway                                                Area:27.9m²

       LED transparent screen developed and produced by K&G VISUAL has a permeability of more than 75% and a clear picture quality, which can fit well with glass walkway and achieve relevant interactive effects through interactive induction radar.

       K&G VISUALLED transparent screens were installed and put into use in kunming, yunnan province in June. As the glass walkway is used for outdoor use over roads, the use of LED transparent screens does not affect the glazed walkway.

       Usually glass road is one of the most common glass special effects, this effect is very simple to implement, toughened glass under the broken glass is not only a piece of glass, is also a piece of transparent LED display, with the development of induction radar technology, with specialized software, when people entered the induction area, radar issue instructions, special effects are triggered, broadcast images of broken glass and audio.

       The sea, sky, flowers and so on special effects can also be added to the transparent panel, this kind of special effects must give a person a kind of feeling, suddenly see that is in the distance is and glass road under similar pictures, can't see and what is the difference between other glass plank road on the edge, only people in the area of broken glass effects come out, give a person a off-guard scared feeling